Ich kann nicht viel über mich schreiben. Ihr müsst mich schon kennen lernen um euch ein Bild machen zu können.


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About me

名前/Name: Shii |Sternshn

生年月日/B-Date: 2月6日

私は好む/Like´s: skating " i-net " write with my friends " music " poem´s " go to work "

体重/weight: 54kg

身長/height: 1,68cm

私についてのある事実/Some facts about me: You want to know something about me? Mh... Where i could begin ? Ah,  I know: I am crazy, smart, lovely. I am a good friend. I love EMOCORE <3 I can´t live without my friends, chocolate, Internet, and some other things.

My school career starts at the 20th of august. I go on the FFS school in Gießen, to make the two-year Technical High School with my material graduation. I don´t translate this school-stuff alone xD So i don´t know if it is right or not xD

I come from Germany / Hessen, near Gießen. I live in a little village near Hungen. No more details, ´cause = STALKER xD I am scarred Oo

Still what ? Ask me :D

Love to my Babeh´s, I think you know who are meant <3

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